Vaginal Creams vs Vaginal Suppositories For Yeast Infections

Candidiasis can be treated  with home remedies or over the counter or prescription antifungal medications depending on the severity of the yeast infection.

Over the counter remedies

In this article, we’ll discuss over the counter remedies.  You can buy most of those products at your local drugstore or pharmacy but Amazon has better prices and you can avoid embarrassment as the checkout of the store. Ordering online is also convenient if you live in remote areas. You can see my comments and recommendations below.

Once a diagnosis of a yeast infection has been made, a doctor will likely recommend the same type of antifungal creams but may write a prescription for a pill if your yeast infection is severe, if you have recurrent yeast infections or have a systemic yeast infection.

You can choose to use vaginal creams, vaginal suppositories and prefilled applicators with anti-fungal agencies. Which type of product to choose is mostly a question of personal preference.

Vaginal antifungal creams are for vaginal and external vulvar use. Many people report getting an instant soothing sensation when using some vaginal creams.  They will give you quick relief from itching, burning sensation and other annoying vaginal yeast infection symptoms. You can purchase them from the links here or at your local drug store and pharmacy.

You need to use most creams for 7 days. But other creams work just as well or even better and you only have to use them 3 days. Why would you have to put up with messy creams for 7 days when you can get rid of your yeast infection with creams you only have to use 3 days? There is even a 1 day applicator. You may not find 3 day creams as easily as 7-day creams.

Creams are messy and difficult to clean up. But suppositories are messy too and you can have some leakage.

Vaginal creams come in  different brands

Well-known yeast creams include Clotrimazole and Miconazole and Monistat. Those are often recommended by doctors but are available without prescription.  Some brands receive better satisfaction and results from yeast sufferers than others.   For example, some people feel relief with the first application of Gyne-Lotrimin 3 while those same people reported irritation when using Monistat creams.

Gyne-Lotrimin 3 – 3 Day Treatment -3 Applicators
This product gets the best reviews. It’s a 3-day treatment that comes with 3 applicators.

Clotrimazole – 3-day treatment
This is the most popular vaginal cream. It gets rid of the yeast infection and soothes the itching and burning in no time at all (and doesn’t cause burning).  It’s reported to be more gently and less messy than Monistat.  The 3-day works faster than the 7-day but if you have a persistent infection that returns, you should probably use  the 7-day treatment. Local pharmacies don’t seem to carry this but your local CVS might have it.

Many people report that Monistat  is causing burning.

Miconazole 7 Day Cream
This is the generic version of Monistat and is similar to Monistat 7.

Vaginal Creams



Monistat cream is a well-known product to cure vaginal yeast infections but people report side-effects like irritation.

Monistat Vaginal Antifungal Prefilled Applicator. An applicator is convenient to bring the product deeper in the vagina. The Monistat Applicator is a 1-day treatment that contains 0.16 ounce. It works well. It’s best to apply just before you go to bed because there can be some leakage. As with other monistat products, some people report burning. As this is a 1-day treatment, the dosage is stronger than the longer treatments and this can possibly cause more irritation.  Some people report that the burning goes away after about 45 minutes. If you want quick results, give it a try.

Miconazole Suppositories + Cream gives you a combination of cream and suppositories


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