What Are The Different Types of Candidiasis?

Candidiasis is a type of fungal infection caused by the different species of yeast related to the genus Candida. Candida is a specific kind of yeast which have been associated with a variety of diseases which include both life threatening and non-life threatening diseases. Candida albicans has been discovered to be associated with the causes of Candidiasis in human beings. The areas affected by Candidiasis are vast and range from superficial infections in oral cavity to the intense infections in the vagina or penis. The effects are variable but the common consensus on the prognosis is that the chance of recovery is better in the initial stages of the infection and gets gradually more difficult.

It is also important to note that there is Candida yeast present in the human body to help in the natural process of digestion. The problem arises when there is an imbalance in the proportion of the useful portion against the Candida yeast. The harmful yeast multiplies and replaces the helpful bacteria and reduces their strength. In such cases it has been seen that Candidiasis becomes highly effective and thus, have been said that life threatening conditions arise from Candidiasis in people who have low immune responses.

As already mentioned, there is a range of Candidiasis in human beings and they are mainly categorized on the basis of the region of the body that has been affected. The main types of Candidiasis seen are:

Oral Candidiasis: It is observed in the oral cavity where it is gradually seen as the symptoms become evident such as deposition of whitish layer on the tongue and mouth odor.

Vaginal Candidiasis: The symptoms are vaginal secretions with odor, burning sensations during urinations and uneasiness with sexual intercourse. This is one of the life threatening conditions if not treated within the early stages of the infection.

Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: The symptoms are similar to vaginal candidiasis but effects are seen more prominently towards valves of labia and the outer opening of the vagina.

Cutaneous Candidiasis: This infection has been seen to affect all types of cutaneous tissues including skin and nails. The effects are mostly more evident due to easy exposure to external stimuli.

Candidiasis is an infection that has been best fought with the simple philosophy of “precaution is better than cure.” A person should seek immediate medical attention even if the symptoms do not seem to be serious and nub the chances of exposure right from the start.


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